2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club

In June, seven Hyundai sales consultants from across the United States were inducted into Hyundai Motor Company’s 2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club, an elite group of 100 Hyundai sales representatives from 26 countries around the world. You can read about their exciting, inspiring trip to Hyundai’s world headquarters in the August 2017 issue of The Sales Edge. And here on this page, you’ll find everything that wouldn’t fit.



 Click here or on the screen capture at left to watch a five-minute video montage of the four-day, five-night trip to Seoul, Korea, that 2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club honorees enjoyed.









1 Lou Albergo 2 Rola Aridi 3 Amanda Dino 4 Bill Parente 5 Patrick Reeb 6 Tiffany Seifrit 7 Yasser Soliman 8 Jared Dowdy
Lou Albergo

Pugi Hyundai Downers Grove, IL

Rola Aridi

Ann Arbor Hyundai Ann Arbor, MI

Amanda Dino

   Washington   Hyundai

Washington, PA

  Bill Parente

   Hyundai of

New Port Richey

New Port Richey, FL

Patrick Reeb  

South Point Hyundai Austin, TX

Tiffany Seifrit

   Piazza Hyundai of Pottstown

Pottstown, PA

Yasser Soliman

Puente Hills Hyundai

City of Industry, CA

Jared Dowdy

 Senior Manager, National Sales Training

Hyundai Motor America


MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017

9 Arrivals Admire a 2018 Sonata


Global Top Sales Consultant Club honorees admire a 2018 Sonata Turbo as they enter the ultra-modern Shilla Stay Seocho hotel in Seoul.








 10 Bill Parente Arrival

Bill Parente is greeted by a Hyundai host at Incheon International Airport upon his arrival in Seoul. 




11 Tiffany and Amanda Arrive   

 Tiffany Seifrit and Amanda Dino arrive in Seoul.





12 Patrick Reeb is Crowned

Patrick Reeb gets “crowned” while registering at the Shilla Stay Seocho. It’s good to be the king!





TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017

13 Yasser and Jared at Motorstudio

Yasser Soliman with Jared Dowdy, Hyundai Motor America’s Senior Manager, National Sales Training, outside the Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang. 





 14 Sneak Peek of Kona

 Attendees received a close-up look at and detailed presentation on the upcoming Hyundai Kona subcompact crossover ... 




15 Fashion Tips 

… and tips on how to build a well-tailored, professional wardrobe. 





16 Team Building Activity


 A team-building activity had attendees slumping through hoops.







17 Looking at Display

Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang includes multiple exhibits, mechanized cutaways and interactive displays, like this one …








 18 Hyundai Motorstudio Display

 … and this one.






19 Rola and Tiffany with G90 

Rola and Tiffany inspect the Genesis G90. 




 20 Sculpture 1

A piece of modern art …







21 Sculpture 2

… transforms into another piece of modern art.





22 Kona Ironman Edition

 Attendees inspect the Kona Iron Man Edition, a special model that will be sold in select export markets (not the U.S.).





24 World Rally Championship i20

The WRC i20 drew a lot of attention from participants. 






25 Rola with i20

Rola Aridi with the i20.






26 Jared Patrick Yasser and Blueprints 

Jared, Patrick and Yasser are impressed by the inner workings of Hyundai technology.









37 Email Cover 1 

Hyundai’s 2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club at Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang.






28 Fradia by Night 

Fradia by night: The glamorous floating restaurant on Seoul’s Han River where Hyundai hosted the Global Top Sales Consultant Club welcome dinner.




29 Night 2 Presentation 

Hyundai Motor Company Executive Vice President Byung Kwon Rhim delivers opening-night remarks.





30 Night 2 Entertainment 3

 Entertainment at the welcome dinner offered something for everyone …








31 Break Dancing 1

… including break dancing …







32 Big Finish


… singing, dancing kitchen help …








33 Rola in Sketch 2

 … a sketch starring Rola …









34 Jared and the Dowdettes

… and the worldwide debut of a new nightclub act featuring HMA’s Jared Dowdy. Jared and the Dowdettes? 









35 Patrick with Exec

 Hobnobbing with Hyundai dignitaries: Patrick takes a selfie with Executive Vice President Byung Kwon Rhim.







 36 Amanda and Rola with Ducksang Jang

 Amanda and Rola meet Hyundai Motor Company Director Ducksang Jang.




 37 Email Cover 1

 Hyundai’s 2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club at the welcome dinner.







38 Attendees Board the High Speed Train to Ulsan

 Attendees board the Super Rapid Train to travel from Seoul to Hyundai’s Ulsan plant.








 39 Jared Approves

 Jared Dowdy approves of the assembly line.








40 Tiffany Amanda and Yasser at the Plant


Tiffany, Amanda and Yasser at the Ulsan plant.




41 Group Shot at Ulsan 

Hyundai’s 2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club at the Ulsan plant.





42 Americans and New Friends at Shipping

 Our U.S. contingent, along with some new friends, at the Ulsan port where Hyundai vehicles are loaded and shipped to destinations worldwide.





43 Rola and Yasser at the Ulsan Plant

Rola and Yasser at the Ulsan plant.





44 Jared Rola and Bill Boarding the Bus 



Jared, Rola and Bill board the motor coach after returning from Ulsan. 




45 Brand Experience and a Coffee Bean

Gangnam Auto Square.






46 Amanda and Yasser at Brand Experience 

Amanda and Yasser study the global Hyundai line at a display in Gangnam Auto Square.







47 Jared and Yasser at Brand Experience

 Jared and Yasser outside a Santa Fe (and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) in Gangnam Auto Square. 








48 Rola Amanda Lou Bill and Yasser at Brand Experience

(Left to right) Rola Aridi, Amanda Dino, Lou Albergo, Bill Parente and Yasser Soliman in Seoul’s Gangnam Auto Square.






49 Yasser Lou and Jared Outside Brand Experience

Yasser, Lou and Jared outside Gangnam Auto Square. That’s an all-new Kona in white parked to the right.






50 Inside the War Memorial 1

Inside the War Memorial of Korea.







51 Rola Yasser and Patrick Leave the War Memorial

Rola, Yasser and Patrick leave the War Memorial of Korea. 









52 Group Shot at War Memorial

Members of Hyundai’s 2017 Global Top Sales Consultant Club outside the War Memorial of Korea …







 53 Members of the Club at Gyeongbokgung Palace

 … and at Gyeong-Bok Palace, one of Korea’s most famous tourist destinations.






54 Please Give Us All 10s on the Survey 2

 Please give us all 10s on the survey: Attendees evaluate the event en route to the farewell dinner.






55 Farewell Address from Exec Woong Sik Ohx

Closing remarks from Hyundai Motor Company director Woong Sik Oh. 






56 Reliving Memories at Farewell Dinnerx

 Attendees enjoyed a PowerPoint montage of photos from their time in Korea at the farewell dinner. 









57 Bro Hug with Jared Yasser and Billx 

Hug it out, boys: Jared, Yasser and Bill.









58 Ladies of the Club Tiffany Rola and Amandax 

Ladies of the club: Tiffany, Rola and Amanda at the farewell dinner.






59 Patrick is Armed and Hilariousx

Patrick is now armed with a greater understanding of Hyundai, and he’s happy about it.










60 Lou Yasser Woong Sik Oh and Billx

 Lou, Yasser, HMC director Woong Sik Oh and Bill.







61 Tiffany Woong Sik Oh and Amanda


Tiffany, Woong Sik Oh, Amanda and Yasser.





62 Bill Woong Sik Oh and Patrick 

Bill, Woong Sik Oh and Patrick.





63 That Calls for a Drink

That calls for a drink: a final toast at the farewell dinner.