“Hyundai LIVE! Cross Over to Kona” Webcast

Learn all about the sporty, practical and bold new Kona—along with the 2018 Accent, 2019 Veloster, Hyundai’s all-new Shopper Assurance program and more—in this footage from the “Hyundai LIVE! Cross Over to Kona” webcast:

  • Introduction (Video)
  • Executive Roundtable (Video)
  • The CUV Market (Video)
  • Kona Introduction (Video)
  • 2018 Accent (Video)
  • 2019 Veloster Preview (Video)
  • Shopper Assurance (Video)
  • Keys to Customer Satisfaction (Video)
  • Q&A and Conclusion (Video)

And be sure to utilize these job aids that will help you sell more Konas and satisfy more customers:

  • Blue Link Feature-Function-Benefit Job Aid (PDF)
  • 2018 Kona Trim Walk (PDF)
  • Top Ten Advantages of Kona vs. Honda HR-V and Toyota C-HR (PDF)
  • Sales Satisfaction Best Practices (PDF)
  • 2018 Hyundai Vehicle Delivery Checklist (PDF)